Novaprova has a Mac OS X port under way but not yet released. The current status is:

Getting Valgrind

The latest release of Valgrind at time of writing is 3.10.1. This version contains a bug which prevents many of the advanced features of Novaprova from working. The fix is in SVN but not yet released (presumably it will be in 3.11). So to try Novaprova on Darwin you will need to:

  1. Check out Valgrind from SVN. Start here
  2. Build and install Valgrind, e.g. into /usr/local. Make sure to either uninstall the Valgrind you got using Homebrew or install this one in a different directory.
  3. Check out the darwin branch from the Novaprova github repo.
  4. Configure Novaprova to use the newly built Valgrind, e.g. ./configure --with-valgrind=/usr/local/bin/valgrind